Yoga Student Profiles: Step-by-step guide and workbook

When you work with students one-on-one, do you ever forget what you did in the last session? Get distracted from the goals you set for your student? Try to remember what the client had said about their condition previously? Struggle to plan your course of action?

Most healthcare professionals take regular notes as part of their practice to avoid situations like these. Keeping students’ records is invaluable for yoga teachers and therapists as well, because it can remind us about small details we might have forgotten and provide a road map of our students’ progress. In addition, when we sit down to write (or type) our notes about our session with a student, we have an opportunity to reflect on what occurred during the session and process our experience of it. Taking time to reflect, analyze, and process our work is invaluable for refining our skills as yoga therapists, helping us grow professionally.

Most yoga teachers and therapists haven’t had extensive training on how to keep students’ records, and in the beginning, it might seem daunting. This is why we created a set of two companion books to guide you along the way. One book is a step-by-step guide of how to do it, and another one is a workbook with everything you need to keep records of each individual student.


HOW TO CREATE STUDENT PROFILES: A Simple Step-by-Step Guide to Keeping Records of Private Yoga Sessions.

This book can help you jump-start your recordkeeping process or streamline and refine it. It provides step-by-step guidelines, instructions, and tips on how to keep comprehensive records of private yoga sessions. It outlines a yoga therapist’s scope of practice, explains the best record-keeping practices, offers prompts on how to plan your sessions, and shows you what to include in your session notes. The book also contains numerous examples of various notes and assessments, relevant yoga references that might be useful in your work with your clients, and sample cut-out forms that you can give to your students.

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The step-by-step guide is accompanied by the Yoga Student Profile Workbook.

This workbook is a blank template for keeping a complete set of records for one private yoga student. It includes prompts and guidelines on the type of information you need to collect from your student, a place to record all relevant information about your student and your work together, and sample cut-out forms to give to your student. In this workbook, you can document your structural and movement observations; write down your Ayurvedic, energetic, and personality assessments; map out your practice recommendations; list your goals and objectives; and record your individual private sessions’ content. This workbook has space for 12 individual sessions (session notes and practice sequences) and includes a template for a discharge report that you can fill out when you complete your work with the student.

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Do you prefer to keep electronic records? You can use the Sequence Wiz Student Management System for Yoga Teachers and Yoga Therapists online, which includes the same components and allows you to modify your forms, duplicate your notes, design your yoga sequences, and more easily exchange information with your students.

What kind of profile is better–printed or electronic?

Every practitioner decides for themselves whether they prefer to keep paper or electronic records. Paper records provide a more familiar format, are easier to customize to your needs, and have lower upfront costs. Meanwhile, electronic health records help standardize, streamline, and organize information, thereby improving efficiency and decreasing the need for storage space.

Who is the Workbook for? 

Yoga Student Profile Workbook is for yoga teachers and yoga therapists who work with students one-on-one and wish to organize their paperwork, simplify their recordkeeping, and chronicle their students’ progress. If you find it easier to follow a template rather than make your notes in a blank notebook, you will appreciate the structure of this workbook.

Do I need one Workbook per student?

Yes. Each Workbook is a blank template to record all relevant information about one specific student and your work together. This workbook has space for 12 individual sessions, including session notes in the most widely used SOAP format and practice sequences. It also contains a template for discharge report and sample cut-out forms to give to your student.

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