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What is preventing you from living your life to the fullest TODAY?


pain stress mood

 Body aches?


 Your mood?

You can use yoga to deal with it!

And since the way you feel today is different from how you felt yesterday, your yoga practice should meet the needs that you have TODAY.

How do you know which practice to choose?


appSequence Wiz home practice yoga app will guide you through the practice selection process and suggest a practice that would be most appropriate for you on any given day. It will ask you to get comfortable, tune into your body and take a moment to notice how you feel.

Do you want to deal with hip tightness? Here is a practice for that. Do you want to feel less sluggish in the afternoon? Try this “pick-me-up” practice. Need to focus your mind before an important meeting? This focusing practice should help.

It’s just like having a private yoga teacher in your phone!



App features

 steps  time  info  reminders


To help you choose a practice that you need at that exact moment


To accommodate your schedule (from 7 to 65 minutes, sorted for your convenience)


To give you a better idea of what the practice is about and how you can get the most out of it


To help you get down to your yoga mat and begin your practice


Here is how it works



Examples of practices included




About the teacher



“Hi there! My name is Olga Kabel and I am a yoga practitioner, yoga teacher and yoga therapist who is constantly striving toward balance on and off the mat.

I guess I have a somewhat utilitarian view of yoga: I am mostly interested in how to use yogic tools to make my own life and the lives of my students better. This applies to different layers of human system: physical, psychological, spiritual. I don’t practice yoga for the sake of practicing, nor do I care about mastering complicated routines. To me yoga is about facilitating change that translates into living a more balanced, joyful and more fulfilling life.

Every day life throws a different challenge at us and personal yoga practice can become a powerful and reliable ally in dealing with those challenges. I take comfort in knowing that even after spending 20 minutes on my mat I will emerge at the end with fewer aches, more consistent energy and clearer outlook on life. Join me in this journey and you can do the same!”



What people say about Olga’s videos

This practice feels very helpful. In general, I have recently discovered you and have appreciated every one of the classes I have done. I love the choices with different areas of focus and various lengths of time. Your therapeutic focus is very good for me and I am gently challenged with the holds and strengtheners, which I can tell I really need. Just excellent all around!

Carol Ann

Olga, your sequences are really effective. My partner & I have been doing yoga daily following your videos and feel a world of difference. My back feels much strengthened and I feel so much more balanced overall. Thank you, Olga guru :-)!

Archie M

This is amazing, it truly helped me out in such a profound way. Thank you Olga, so so much. I hope you understand what a substantial impact this had on my day and on my mind, body, & soul. I feel and believe that I am at peace with myself, be it temporarily or longer than expected, and that I can rid myself of the poisons in my life and energy. I will be using this every day in my journey, so thank you very, very much. Namaste

Alexandra K

As always with your practices some poses might not look like you’re doing much, but boy – I felt a lot while doing them! Before the sitting at the end I would add a little relaxation for the legs but all in all this is an excellent preparation for meditation. Thank you very much!

Franziska S

Hi Olga. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your deep love and passion for yoga. You have one of THE BEST yoga websites and your videos are wonderful! You continue to inspire me both as a student and teacher of yoga. Your light shines bright. Namaste

Sylvia G

Thanks, again, Olga! Love your practices. I especially love the chair move in this one. Makes my imbalances very obvious. I feel so weak and out of balance but everyday I do one of your practices, I’m feeling stronger, more flexible, and gradual improvements in balance. Namaste!

Patricia T




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