Sleep: what it does for you and how to troubleshoot it


In Macbeth Shakespeare states that sleep is “the chief nourisher in life’s feast.” And modern science proves that is truly is. What other miraculous remedy helps you fight infection and makes you look younger, enhances your memory and makes you more creative, heals your emotional wounds and helps you learn and remember? If someone could package it, it would fly off the shelves. Yet, here it is, readily available to all of us. Granted, some of us need a little help with falling asleep and staying asleep – luckily there are proven yogic strategies that can help.

For the past few months we’ve been talking about different aspects of sleep and how to troubleshoot it. Below is an overview of the vast ground we’ve covered that can help you deal with your own sleep issues and help your students sleep better.


What happens when we sleep


What happens in your brain when you sleep?

Does sleep help you to remember or to forget?

Does early morning yoga practice help or inhibit your muscle memory?


Stages of sleep


The meaning of Om: Four states of human consciousness

How can we get to the state of pure consciousness?

Yoga sutras about dreaming and deep sleep

Issues with insufficient sleep

The emotional roller coaster of insufficient sleep

Does sleep loss lead to weight gain?

Sleep for heart health: even one hour makes a difference

Is it easier to catch a cold when you are sleep-deprived?

How dreaming helps us get over traumatic experiences (or not)

Sleep hygiene


Are you in sync with your body clock?

What can caffeinated spiders teach us about our sleep habits?

External factors that are messing up your sleep: Part 1

External factors that are messing up your sleep: Part 2


Factors that are messing up our sleep


Five kinds of sleep disturbances and how to identify them

Physiological reasons of poor sleep and what to do about them: Part 1

Physiological reasons of poor sleep and what to do about them: Part 2

Why your mind races before bed and what you can do about it

Yoga for better sleep


3 steps to help your yoga students sleep better

Yoga practice for better sleep






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  1. Conor says:

    Hi Olga~

    I really appreciate reading your blog posts every week, and especially this most recent series on sleep. I wonder if you learned anything about bi-phasic sleep while you were researching, especially if it had to do with the practice of yoga.

    Thanks again!

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