Yoga Teacher’s Toolbox: How to target specific body areas

As yoga teachers, we want to help our students feel better in their bodies. This means that often we need to work with specific areas of tension and imbalance. What does it take to create an effective practice to release tension and increase range of motion in a particular part of the body? Some principles are universal, and some are unique to the target area. Here are some ideas on how you can approach it in your yoga classes, as well as some safety precautions that we need to consider.

General template for creating a yoga practice for a specific body area >

Body Map for Yoga Practices


Check out our updated Body Map for Yoga Practices. It shows links to all the practices we have on this site organized by target body area. A little pop up window will show you the name of the practice and some information about it. Click on the window and you will be taken to the practice page. Check out the map >

You can always find the Body Map by clicking on the link in the top menu.


You can find all these practices and many more on Sequence Wiz home yoga practice app. All practices are nicely organized there by topic and length, making it much easier to pick the right one. Give it a try >