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These yoga practices were recently added to the Sequence Wiz home yoga practice app. Check them out!

CoreStabilizationThumbnailCore stabilization practice (22 min)

(added March 24, 2017)

To keep your core strong and your lower back pain-free, you need to maintain a healthy relationship between your pelvis and your spine. There are two main ways to approach it – “the pelvic tilt” and “the corset”. This short yoga practice will have you experience the difference between those two actions and help you create more stability and support in your core.

You can find this practice under Physical body > Core > 20-40 minutes.


Empower yoga practice (51 min)

(added March 8, 2017)

The way we carry our bodies in our daily lives affects the way we feel. Open, expansive postures similar to the Superwoman stance make us feel assertive, powerful and confident, they decrease anxiety and make us more optimistic. This yoga practice uses expansive, open body positions, “tidal wave” breathing pattern with emphasis on inhalation, and “removing the obstacles” meditation to help you cultivate a sense of powerful presence. (Learn more about this practice)

You can find this practice under Mental-emotional state > Anxious/fearful > 40-60 minutes.