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Short yoga practice for quick energetic boost (20 min)

(added November 7, 2018)

This yoga practice designed to give you an energetic boost if you feel tired, depleted or frazzled. The entire practice is focused on expanding and deepening your inhalation, which creates the sense of spaciousness and helps build your energy up.

You can find it under Energy > Sluggish > Under 20 minutes.


Short yoga practice for hip flexors (15 min)

(added October 17, 2018)

This short yoga practice is meant to loosen up your hips by contracting and stretching your hip flexors. This can have a positive effect on your lower back as well, since hip flexor tightness is often connected to lower back pain.

You can find it under Physical body > Hips > Under 20 minutes

Yoga for better sleep (38 min)

(added September 5, 2018)

This yoga practice uses simple movement, deep belly breathing and meditation to gradually let go of the regrets, worries and problems of the day. The practice also includes guided relaxation that you can do in bed.

You can find it under Specialty practices > 20-40 minutes.

Training balance

Strengthen your hips while training your balance (60 min)

(added July 14, 2018)

This yoga practice trains your dynamic balance while strengthening the hips. It includes several standing balance postures that are done both dynamically and statically, and some hip work.

You can find it under Physical body > Balance > 40-60 minutes.

Five Vayus practice for energy and vitality

(added June 8, 2018)

Our physiological functioning is affected by the flow of energy along its five major currents, called Vayus. In this yoga practice you will spend time working with each Vayu individually and then bring them all together in the end. This practice is designed to help you balance the energy flow and increase vitality.

You can find it under Energy > Sluggish > 40-60 minutes.

Yoga practice for digestion and assimilation

(added May 4, 2018)

This 60-minute practice uses targeted movements and specific breathing practices to facilitate digestion on physical and mental levels and promote better assimilation of nutrients and experiences within the body.

You can find it under Specialty practices > 40-60 minutes.

Increase vitality by linking Prana and Apana vayus

(added March 23, 2018)

This 30-minute practice uses breath and movement to link Prana and Apana vayus (two main energetic currents in the body) to establish stronger mind-body connection and increase the sense of vitality.

You can find it under Energy > Stressed > 20-40 minutes.

ResilienceThumbnailResilience: whole body yoga practice

(added January 3, 2018)

This 65-minute practice takes time to “oil up” the entire body, to slow down the breath and to look within. It is a balanced whole-body practice that helps you cultivate and maintain physical, energetic and emotional resilience.

You can find it under Physical body > Entire body > 40-60 minutes.

Magic three chair“Magic three poses” chair practice (12 min)

(added December 15, 2017)

“Magic three” yoga poses are foundational poses that are useful to any student. However, if the student cannot get down on her knees easily or does not have the space to roll out her yoga mat, this chair version of the “magic three” yoga poses works very well. It can be used to loosen the body up in the course of the work day, to introduce new, more fragile students to yoga movements, or as a warm up to a longer practice.

You can find it under Chair practices > Under 20 minutes.

Fierce Mama Practice_TitleFierce mama yoga practice (63 min)

(added November 15, 2017)

This yoga practice will help you generate energy and cultivate laser focus to propel you into action to conquer your challenges. It contains movement, pranayama, chanting and meditation and uses the image of Durga (Divine Mother) to evoke your inner fierceness.

You can find it under Mental-emotional state > Anxious/Fearful > 40-60 minutes.

MountainThumbnailDischarge excess mental energy: Sturdy as a mountain yoga practice (30 min)

(added November 8, 2017)

This short yoga practice uses the image of a mountain and simple chant “I am stable, I am at ease” to help you discharge excess mental energy and become more grounded. It uses movement, breath awareness and meditation to cultivate the feeling of stability and connection to the earth. It links two chakras – the root chakra and the third eye chakra – without explicitly talking about them. By doing that, it invites you to draw inspiration and stability both from your mind and your body.

You can find it under Mental-emotional state > Anxious/Fearful > 20-40 minutes.

Fresh_perspectives_Thumbnail600Fresh perspectives yoga practice (pratipaksha bhavana) 65 min

(added September 27, 2017)

In this yoga practice we literally turn your point of view upside down and then reframe it in a different way. This practice uses movement, breath awareness, chanting and meditation to release body tension and clear your head. It gives you a chance to view your current issue from several other perspectives in hopes of assigning a different meaning to your current challenge.

You can find it under Mental-emotional state > Need clarity > 40-60 minutes

Doorway_to_serenityThumbnailDoorway to serenity yoga practice (20 min)

(added September 6, 20017)

This short yoga practice uses breath, mental chanting and simple movement to help you relax the body, deepen your exhalation and quiet the mind. It is particularly useful when you feel stressed or overwhelmed. It is designed around Patanjali’s yoga sutra 1.34 The mind attains serenity through prolonged Exhalation and Suspension of breath.

You can find it under Energy > Stressed > Under 20 minutes

NewSolutionPracticeThumbnailNew solution to an old problem practice (65 min)

(added August 9, 2017)

This yoga practice utilizes all the strategies above to help you stop the mental noise and let the insights emerge. It is an integrative practice; it includes multiple yogic elements (asana, pramayama, chanting and meditation). Using breath, movement, sound and imagery helps to quiet the mind, facilitate a more relaxed mental state, process metal chatter and see your old problem in a new light.

You can find it under Mental-emotional state > Need clarity > 40-60 minutes.

Brhaman_Viloma_TitleQuick pick-me-up practice for an afternoon slump (30 min)

(added July 5, 2017)

This yoga practice is meant to have an energizing and uplifting effect on the system. It begins with simple poses close to the ground to gradually deepen the breath and begin to move the body, and then transitions to standing poses that use large whole body movements to nourish and energize the system. It culminates in Viloma Ujjayi technique (Alternate nostril inhalation).

You can find this practice under Energy > Sluggish > 20-40 minutes.

AnulomaUTitle1Let go of agitation (28 min)

(added June 28, 2017)

This gentle yoga practice is meant to help you let go of agitation and help you tolerate uncomfortable emotions and sensations. It includes few simple movements that are done entirely in a chair, but it is focused primarily on the breath. It culminates in Anuloma Ujjayi technique (Alternate nostril exhalation).

You can find this practice under Energy > Hyper > 20-40 minutes.

PainSensationThumbnailPain vs sensation yoga practice (48 min)

(added May 24, 2017)

It is important to develop the ability to distinguish between different types of sensations with more accuracy. This yoga practice teaches you to differentiate between pain and sensations. It also reminds you to be kind to your body and treat it like you would a dear friend, with or without pain.

You can find this practice under Physical body > Entire body > 40-60 minutes.

EverydayBalance600Everyday balance practice (12 min)

(added May 5, 2017)

The best way to train your balance is to integrate simple balancing movements into your daily life. This short yoga practice will help you strengthen your hips and ankles while training your balance wherever you are.

You can find this practice under Physical body > Balance > Under 20 minutes.

CoreStabilizationThumbnailCore stabilization practice (22 min)

(added March 24, 2017)

To keep your core strong and your lower back pain-free, you need to maintain a healthy relationship between your pelvis and your spine. There are two main ways to approach it – “the pelvic tilt” and “the corset”. This short yoga practice will have you experience the difference between those two actions and help you create more stability and support in your core.

You can find this practice under Physical body > Core > 20-40 minutes.


Empower yoga practice (51 min)

(added March 8, 2017)

The way we carry our bodies in our daily lives affects the way we feel. Open, expansive postures similar to the Superwoman stance make us feel assertive, powerful and confident, they decrease anxiety and make us more optimistic. This yoga practice uses expansive, open body positions, “tidal wave” breathing pattern with emphasis on inhalation, and “removing the obstacles” meditation to help you cultivate a sense of powerful presence. (Learn more about this practice)

You can find this practice under Mental-emotional state > Anxious/fearful > 40-60 minutes.